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Australian Roller Doors

Choice Doors is one of Melbourne's go-to suppliers for Australian made and manufactured garage parts—and for good reason.

Drafted and built by a local team who know the materials and production methods needed to construct hard-wearing, long-lasting pieces, we design for the local environment and Australian way of life.

Well-versed in sizing, delivery, and supporting home renovation projects, our team is a one-stop-shop for sourcing, installation, and servicing for the Greater Melbourne Area. Wondering what all of the fuss is about? Read on to learn more about the benefits of installing a track in your garage for home, offices, and industrial spaces alike.

Appreciating that you’re likely interested in maintaining and increasing the value of your property, storing valued goods away from the elements, and looking for an easy installation process, we cover the ins and outs to look for when wanting to get garage renovations done.

We supply, install and service garage roller doors

Our showroom is based Derrimut where you can view our range. We service Melbourne metropolitan area and regional Victoria.

Making Home and Work Life Easier: The Choice Roller Door

An efficient alternative to a sectional garage, rolling tracks are a fantastic, easy-to-access, and secure option for most garages, sheds, and utility spaces if you have the headspace to support it. Why the overhead room?

Although most rollers are made from steel curtains, our team has the capacity to work with steel, aluminum, and colorbond to match your existing location or project needs. Regardless of material type, the open/close system runs smoothly and swiftly along a vertical slide at the entrance and ceiling of the storage space. To maintain the available headspace on-site, the door rolls into a neat drum at the top of the frame to reduce tracks needing to be installed and run along the ceiling of the space. 

Suitable for both interior and exterior venues, this system provides excellent security against theft, environmental damage, and can support interior climate control when the need calls

Wondering what else this structure can offer your home, office, or work site? Read on.

The Top 5 Benefits of Roller Door Garage Systems

Available in a variety of colours, materials, and sizes, rollers should find a welcome place among your home or worksite renovation plans. Why?

1. DIY Roller Door Options

If you and your family appreciate a little DIY, some manufacturers offer an at-home installation kit with the purchase of their stock. Able to be safely delivered to your home with all necessary parts, the easy-to-follow instructions make for a quick weekend job and hassle-free set up. 

(Have additional questions? Make sure the supplier you buy from can be on-hand to answer questions by phone if needed.)


Among the many factors to consider during the renovation or build process for both homes and commercial builds are costs.

Beyond considering size, fit, colour, material, and general use, it’s important to source from a supplier who can meet your project budget. Fortunately, many suppliers will offer a number of ways to keep your purchase price down by recommending DIY installation options, more cost-effective materials, and function.

When choosing a team to shop from, ask about their experience with automated garage systems, roller doors, and the more traditional lifting mechanisms. Because of the limited technology required for a rolling drum system, rolling structures are much more cost-effective than automated setups—and more secure than the traditional swing models.

Custom Frame Measures and Cost Quotes

Need a custom solution? Each piece can be designed and made to exact project specifications. Because drums are crafted to retract into the most compact available overhead space, working with a supplier who can measure and cut your purchase to exact size needs is the best way to ensure great functionality and a great fit.

Security and Strength

If you have ever wondered “Are roller doors secure?” the answer, in a word, is yes. With additional security features available to standard models, experienced manufacturers should be able to offer the following add-ons:

  • Double skin/layers for increased durability
  • Steel bar locking mechanisms
  • Regular servicing to ensure that usual wear-and-tear is maintained and minimises the risk of easy break-and-enters

Local Servicing & Repair

As a manufacturer and maintenance team in Metro Melbourne, Choice Doors has the equipment, expertise, and people needed to support your project from end-to-end. Regardless of your supplier of choice, having a local team who can regularly service your investment will extend its life and help you get the most out of your garage.

Among the standard servicing and maintenance considerations to keep in mind, we recommend:

  • Locks: checking locks for weather exposure, rust
  • Track maintenance: system feeling a little stuck? The right servicing team can check for material erosion, rust, environmental damage, or just give it a good grease
  • Track security. One of the key things keeping your space safe is track installation. We can give your system a look over and easily tend to manual parts without the need for expensive tech replacements or ordered parts.

Choice Doors: For Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Clients

Choice Doors are a locally made and manufactured supplier of roller garage parts for residential, commercial, and industrial clients across Melbourne. Able to support your project from end-to-end, we can help measure, fit, size, deliver, and install your investment—or support you to take on the hands-on installation work alone.

With every product sold given a 1-year warranty and an experienced team on-hand to support servicing and maintenance requests, we have become one of the city and regional Victoria’s go-to suppliers and service teams of garage parts for good reason.

Interested in checking out our models? All customers can visit our Derrimut-based showroom to check out the latest range or reach out to our customer service team to get the process started.

Ready to upgrade your home, office, or worksite? Contact Choice Doors today.

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