Custom Garage Doors

A Great Range of Boastfully designed custom garage doors

The garage door that welcomes you home doesn’t need to be purely a practical fixture. The days are long gone when the garage door simply served to provide access to your garage. At Choice doors we specialise in beautifully , designed doors, in a great range that not only has the latest innovative technology and perform great but also are stylish and customised, adding a distinguished appeal to your project.
We understand that pre-designed garage doors may not always meet everyone’s needs and wants. Some may have a vision with specific design elements, materials or styles in mind to compliment the look of the home and where a standard garage door simply doesn’t cut it. This is where a Choice custom built garage door gives you options and flexibility that is limited only by your imagination.

If you have a specific profile, colour, material, feature or style in mind, one of our door specialists will work closely with you to develop a design that matches your home and style. We’ll make sure it’s installed to your home’s exact specifications for a complete and flush finish.
With plenty of base garage door designs available, each with a variety of customisable features, we’ll help you craft the garage door you’ve always wanted!
Our sectional doors are designed by using our own insulated panels or an aluminium frame.  Both options provide a strong, neat, clean and more detailed garage door.

Browse through our range for some inspiring ideas on how we can customise something truly special for your own unique style. 

Acrilic Garage doors

Our acrylic doors look fantastic as part of almost any project’s exterior design and they are reliable and sturdy. This ensures protection for you, your family and your belongings without compromising that personalised dream-home look. Our Acrylic Garage Doors are available in transparent, translucent, colours and matt finish, in a range of thickness. They have a great clarity and light transmission-light diffusing properties, high impact strength (250 times stronger than glass), proprietary UV resistance, lightweight, excellent weather ability. 

Alucobond Garage doors

We at Choice Doors, provide an outstanding range of custom made Alucobond panel garage doors. If you are looking for a material that will add smoothness, durability and a modern look to your building, Alucobond garage door or other aluminium composite garage door is the perfect solution. At Choice Doors, we supply and install Alucobond garage doors for commercial and residential projects.

Aliwood Garage doors

The AliWood system offers a versatile timber finish aluminium cladding option which is hassle free, non-combustible and overcomes the drawbacks of traditional timber. The system is designed to be used in both commercial and residential situations and it delivers a natural, stylish and clean look. This impresive timber finish aluminium cladding system is ideal but not limited to fire prone areas, housing, sheds and carports ….anywhere you would use timber.

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